Foodie-ah says

"Finally, it's back! After 2 long months, my favourite neighborhood Japanese restaurant has reopened in style! ...

The new venue has a different feel as compared to the old cozy and traditional restaurant: It's more modern, brighter and spacious. Not necessarily better or worse, just different. I wasn't surprised by the fact that 2 days after opening the restaurant was already fully packed with their regular customers, which is a sign of how appreciated this restaurant is.

The menu is basically the same, as I believe most regulars would want it to stay the same. And of course the staff hasn't changed too, as they seem to be so attached to this business and its cheerful owners...
I don't think too many comments are required for their food. It's traditional, simple, fresh, authentic, and above average for what you pay. This is why they have been so successful and have such a solid customers base."

(Taken from http://foodieah.blogspot.com/2010/02/wahiro-roxy-square.html)

KF Seetoh, of Makan Sutra says

"Chef Hozumi is no longer the shy low-profile chef and he's also not so self-conscious with his fractured English anymore... He realised that the local clientele is obsessed with taste, presentation and value, but spare them the hype about over-rated ingredients...Although he serves the lighter Kansai style flavours, he has over the years allowed touches from the west to creep in without bastardizing the heritage. Point in case- his little teacup of lightly vinegarish sushi rice sitting atop a fat slice of meltingly soft foie gras, was a breath of fresh air from Japan, yet not quite. He shuns cheese and introduces truffle oil occasionally. The set begins with his supremely fresh sushi platter, smooth and expertly cut for finesse in texture (try his after a meal at the conveyor belt sushi joints and you’ll know what I mean). Then he brings out the sea bream sashimi, and partners it with little cuts of cured dried fish roe – gently gummy and a perfect pairing for the raw fish. His follow up autumn collection of chestnuts, grilled lotus, fish roe, duck slice, sweet potatoes and grilled gingko nuts was a plate of poetry. He lowers the tempo with a pleasant bowl of mini yamaimo yam nodules and gingko nuts before he kicks it up with flame grilled beef with Wahiro sesame topping and green peppers. Again, he slows it with a mushroom and vegetable stew with pan-fried salmon, and then rolex replica resets the pace with fish tempura with shiso leaf and plum.

Then he finishes me off with a quip as I down the green tea ice cream. Then he finishes me off with a quip as I down the green tea ice cream, “You must say my wife Sandra very helpful, I very love and appreciate. Otherwise, very difficult for me. You understand ok?” his stern face almost gave way to an impish smile.
I nearly fell off the chair."